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 Here you will find beautiful contemporary art and ecological fashion pieces with unique stories. The creative works are not about specific places, people or fashion trends. They are about life, happiness and positive thinking. Emotion and a specific story are my focus in each piece of my work. It is a perfect place to look for individual and meaningful creations which say something about you and inspire you. 

 All paintings and prints are unique drawings made by me. For more inspiration just check out my Instagram account. Enjoy this page and contact me if you would like to have one of my original paintings. Soon it will be possible to buy some of them online too. 


My Background

  Here is a short story about me. 

 As long as I can remember I loved to paint and draw. However back then, making art was not considered to be a reasonable career in Lithuania. Although I was going to an evening art school at that time it became clear to me that I should give it up and search for an alternative, more reasonable life path. 

 When I finished school I ended up studying fashion design and technology at one of the universities in my home country. It was also not seen as a serious career path but it was still more reasonable than trying to survive as an artist. 

 After my studies I left the country and moved to Germany. There I worked and studied again. At the end I gained, what would one say an unusual degree for a creative person. I ended my second studies with a master degree in Business Management. It was interesting experience and with the view of today I can say that it was the right thing to do. This knowledge helps me now in developing my career as an artist. 

 Finally, after several years of working in the fashion industry I decided to follow my passion for art and my biggest desire is to inspire You through my works. One needs to believe in order to achieve. 

My Fashion Philosophy

 Speaking about fashion I believe in designs which are classic, creative and last much longer than one season. I also believe that sustainable production in fashion should become a standard and not an exception. It is not about saving the world it is just about taking responsibility for our actions. There is still a very long way to go but new brands which are coming up, set new standards to an old industry. They show that fashion can be transparent and ecological. They are my inspiration. I admire these new companies which are innovative and want to reshape the industry. I believe that if we have more of such companies and other designers who offer ecological alternatives to a conventional fashion, a real change is possible. I want to support this development with offering creative and ecological t-shirts in a premium material quality.



more about sustainability of aurelija designs

 My goal for the fashion part is to offer an ecological alternative with high material quality and hand drawn, one of a kind prints. 

 At the moment I work with Spreadshirt Germany, who takes care of the logistics and printing for me, so that I can concentrate myself on the creative process. This company has a strong portfolio of t-shirt suppliers who are members of a fair wear foundation (The Fair Wear Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation that works to improve conditions for workers in garment factories).

 For all of my t-shirts I choose a supplier which offers an earth positive (earth neutral) product quality. Which means that the t-shirts were produced using alone the renewable green energy from wind and solar power. The cotton which they use for the fabric comes also from ecological cultivation. Their 100% organic cotton fabric has a very high quality. It's soft, has a perfect thickness and long durability. I am sure you will enjoy wearing it as I really do so :D. 

 I follow these new ecological production developments. It is great to notice that with the time we see more innovation in the production. New ecological materials are coming to the market, which were not available before. As the consumers are buying more conscious the industry is forced to react and that is good. I will definitely look for further innovative ideas in this area too. I am sure that exiting times are coming.

 At the moment I also work on sustainable packing alternatives for my artworks. I do not want to use plastic which seems to be not an easy task when it comes to replacing the bubble wrap. I will share the news about this topic on my Instagram page. 


Nature is a great source of inspiration

  Nature is definitely my biggest source of inspiration for art and fashion pieces. It is something magical about spending time in the Nature. It allows us to stop running through life for a moment and just relax, look around. We notice after a while that there are greater things than we out there. This can be a comforting experience.   

 Going for a walk in a forest helps us not just to relax, it also lifts our creativity as we experience the most beautiful colors and shapes. It is natural that we should than take care of our nature which turns the subject towards the sustainable production again. I want to inspire you with my work and try to do this as sustainable as possible. 

  Have fun in finding YOUR piece of art! 

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