How The Collections Start

The Idea

 It all starts with the idea. The inspiration can be everything from a good book through new places, people, cities or just being in the nature. The last one carries also the basic idea of the "Let The Nature Inspire You" collection. 

Making The Drawings

 After gathering my thoughts I usually do some hand drawings and pick the best ideas. The next step then is to draw the same motive using a computer program which also helps me to convert the drawing into a vector graphic. I need to do this especially if I want to use the flex print technology for fixing the motive on a t-shirt.

Deciding About The Shape And the Quality Of A T-Shirt

 As a next step I think about the shape and the quality of a t-shirt which I want to have. I usually do different shapes from a loose boyfriend style cut to a nice fitted t-shirt shape so that everyone can find his favorite. Regarding the quality I like to choose 100% cotton materials from ecological production. My favorite is continental clothing supplier. They are members of the fair wear foundation and offer earth positive shirts which they produced using renewable green energy from wind and solar power alone.

Choosing The Print Tipe 

 Before the new design can be printed on a shirt it is necessary to think about the printing techniques as the outcome differ with each printing method. I often choose the flex print technology. A special quality of this kind of print is a super long durability. You can wash the t-shirt very often and you will see no changes in a print quality. If you are interested to see how the print is done just visit my blog. There you will find a fun video about it. You will also find a further article about other print tipes which I also use.

Check out the slide show: From the Idea to a ready garment :D
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